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Hey, Hey, It's Halloween
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Two of a Kind

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, because of the opportunities for make-believe and dressing up as well as the child-centered community/neighborhood aspects.

Hey, hey it‟s Halloween!
There‟s many different costumes to be seen
I‟m gonna be vampire; isn‟t that neat?
and I‟ve got some fangs to make it complete.

Dressing up in costumes suits me fine,
That‟s why Halloween is my favorite time.
The hardest thing to do is choose what to wear
Should I be cute or give my brother a scare?

(Chorus - w/”firefighter” and “a helmet”)

Most of the time my block is okay
But on Halloween it‟s a great place to play.
The lights are all on, the pumpkins shine bright
It feels like one big family on Halloween night.

(Chorus - w/”butterfly” and “some wings”)
(Chorus - w/”pirate” and “an eye-patch”)

On Halloween we go „round the block
Neighbors come out when they hear us knock.
We‟re walking around from door to door.
It‟s just once a year, but I wish it was more.

(Chorus - w/”dragon” and “tail”; “tree, now”
and “branches”; “super-hero” and “cape”)


© Two of a Kind. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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