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Molly the Moose On Mars
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Ira Marlowe/Brainy Tunes


Molly the Moose was doing just fine
Dancing around in the Canada pines
when she saw a sign that captured her attention
It said, “Wanted: one brave girl
who can blast off
out of this world”
What kind of girl the sign failed to mention
See, Molly's a moose and and a moose can't be an astronaut
but that's not what Molly thought
she thought--

Molly the Moose on Mars
Molly the Moose on Mars
Keep your hooves on the ground
and reach for the stars
Molly the Moose on Mars

Molly the Moose went to apply
You should've seen the look in their eyes
when a great big moose sat down in the lobby
The interview came, molly did well
She was smooth, she was smart, she remembered to tell
how watching the stars had always been her hobby
Molly the Moose got a big space suit and they cheered her name
the day the countdown came


Molly the Moose on Mars
Molly the Moose on Mars
Believe in your dreams
whatever they are
Molly the Moose on Mars

High in space
she looked down on the Earth
A perfect blue planet
growing smaller in the distance
She thought of the lakes and the hills and the streams
and she thought of her mother's face
What a precious place

Molly the Moose landed on mars
She rambled around on her red rover car
She looked for clues
if there once was life there

She sampled the dust and the light from the sun
She said, “I love this job because science is fun!”
A month went by
It was time to go
Molly splashed down on Earth as a smile lit up her face
Back in her favorite place

Molly the Moose on Mars
Molly the Moose on Mars
Wherever you roam
there’s no place like home
Let’s all salute
Molly the Moose

© Ira Marlowe. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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